Google'd it, who knew !

by Joseph Shuford
(Phx., Az.)

I'm from Phoenix, Arizona and I grew up my whole life in a state that wasn't yet a fully populated state, sure I had neighbor's but some lived almost 3 miles away and what a day it was on week ends when we would all meet at the malls to shop for sneakers, or Levi's. Anywho times were slow and the cooking sometimes slower and their was one scent that is still trapped in memory that I can't shake, and that's the sweet smell of Sausage Gravy & biscuits and everyone round town knew who was cooking and who was a ! You bet your bottom dollar that if I could smell it, I was invited. But I was young and didn't know what I know today, "That this dish is way to rich to be eatin every week or everyday". I am so Thankful I found your site and look forward to cookin me up some Sausage Gravy biscuits & gravy real soon, so hold the door I'll be back to tell ya all how good this recipe is.


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