Interesting experience

by Norbert Vollkornbrot
(Iqualuit, Nunavut, Canada)

Well...first I read over the recipe and acquainted myself with the ingredients and quantities. Next, I gathered all the utensils I figured I would need and set up my miss en place. I then proceeded to make the biscuits. I cut the butter and shortening into the flour and made a well and poured the buttermilk in. The dough was perfect, just wet enough to hold together. Charming! I baked them in a hot oven until golden and perfect!
Next, on to making the sausage gravy...this is where I began to run into problems. Big problems. I actually had miscalculated about the quantity of sausage and drippings. I thought the recipe said 10 Kilos! I wound up discarding the sausage and using canned gravy. Oh well! It was yummy!

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