Looks good!

by Sean Newhouse
(Federal Way, Wa. USA)

I have tried this before, I like it!! This is one of my all time favorites esp. when I'm hungry which as another said is torture to see all this & since I'm in food-mode and hungry anyways might as well get into the subject a little bit with my fellow chefs. This is an old time American recipe started about the time of the Revolutionary War and for whatever reasons that they were short on supplies needed something cheap, but also easy & delicious to serve, and they came up with this though there have been variations on it. In the midwest states & elsewhere there's even a version that mixes eggs with the flour and all in making the gravy.

I don't ever just add water to the meat I've always found it makes the meat too chewy, tough. I'll add the meat after the gravy has thickened up enough. I like to add like some chopped greens to it as well. I figure there's a balance and if you have just enough can make something really good but also like to take to a new level but I see that many add lots of ingredients to it and that just isn't my style and I am known for making "concoctions". Hot sauce of some kind in it is good! I also like the hot green MX sauce. If the dish has been prepared well the gravy should be thick enough but not too thick. I've found its not good to add too much butter, pepper & what not to it, it tends to ruin it. Another thing I like to do is add crumpled bacon to it.

Pine State Biscuits adds shredded butter to the biscuit mix and they also work the dough enough until it develops nice layers on it and turns out real well this way.

My G'ma used to make her own version of b & g using a can of Cream of Mushroom soup & Worcestershire, and other.

I'm not against going all out on recipes though and like to do this as well, the BBQ Pit Boys on youtube and also Cooking w/ Uncle Jesse are great videos for this, and also good at what they do. I enjoy watching Diners, DriveIns & Dives also- they make great b & g at the Over Easy Cafe in Phoenix & Pine State Biscuits in Portland, ore. just to name a couple.

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