OMG! This was awesome!!

by suzzq
(South Dakota)

I've been on the search for the perfect biscuits and gravy recipe to serve to my grandson for Christmas breakfast. He loves biscuits and gravy and his mother & father don't make it for him so he only gets it when he goes out to eat. So, yes you guessed it. My quest was to find THE ONE! This is it. I came upon yours and thought I'd give it a trial run. I had my husband and neighbor be the judge of the delicacy and they both gave it an A++. This will be a definite tradition to make when my grandson comes each time. We don't see him too often as my son and daughter-in-law live quite a distance away, but we try to make it a special time each time we see them. I'm so excited to make this on Christmas Day breakfast for all. I would just like to say to all out there-"just try this recipe and you'll never search for another one!"

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