Potato fried Catfish

by stacy deaton

I use this on crappie and bass as well. I don't measure this recipe, so, it's going to be more of sight and taste for the one doing it.

Box of instant potatoes
Tony Chachere cajun seasoning
3 eggs
yellow mustard
fish fillets
oil for frying

Mix 3 eggs and about 1/4 c mustard in a medium bowl.

Mix about 4 cups potatoes and about 3 TBLS cajun seasoning. Heat oil til you sprinkle some potato in and it starts frying instantly.
Dip fish in egg/mustard and then coat with potato mixture. Fry until a golden brown on both sides.

I make a sweet tartar sauce as an option.

1 cup mayo
1/4 cup white vinegar
1/4 granulated sugar
relish to taste.

{Texasgirl} :0)

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