Weight Loss Recipes

low calorie recipes

It’s amazing how many requests I’ve gotten for weight loss recipes!

I know, a lot of you are probably thinking…southern cooking and weight loss don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can have great tasting, low calorie, and low fat down home cooking.

I will be adding links to the bottom of this page to lots and lots of weight loss recipes that are low calorie recipes and are also low in fat and high in fiber to help you lose that extra weight but first let me give you some tips.

Tips for successful weight loss :

• Don’t expect miracles. You didn’t put the weight on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight.

• Accept the fact that you are human and YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES! So you ate that chocolate covered donut and now you feel guilty and tell yourself, “Well, I blew it now, I might as well just eat whatever I want the rest of the day and I’ll start again tomorrow.” Don’t make matters worse. Just forgive yourself and “get right back on the wagon”... today. Don’t wait until tomorrow!

• Take a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. That way you won’t be so tempted to drink all of those high calorie sodas.

• You know those nutrition labels that they put on food? Start reading them. Limit your fat to no more than 20% of your daily calories.

• Eat a minimum of 2 fruits and 3 vegetables everyday. When you choose fruits and veggies at the store, choose the colorful ones. A bright orange carrot and dark green lettuce have a lot more vitamins and minerals than pale colored ones.

• You want to push that food on through? You’ll need 15 to 20 grams of fiber to your diet everyday.

• It takes 3,500 calories to equal one pound of body weight.

• You should never go below 1,200 calories per day without first talking to your doctor. If you need to lose a lot of weight, you might need more calories, so check with your doctor.

• It’s not just about what you eat. You need to start moving. You don’t have to run 5 miles, just start walking…a mile…2 miles…start out small and work your way up.

• When you go to the salad bar, try to limit: Marinated veggies, Croutons, Olives, Salad dressings, Cheeses, Sunflower seeds, Avocado, Salads made with mayonnaise and Bacon bits.

• If you find yourself having to eat fast food, make sure to choose grilled or sliced meats, stay away from the cheese, drink water, diet soda or skim milk, have ketchup or mustard instead of mayonnaise based sauces, stay away from the desserts and fries.

• Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week.

• Take a vitamin and mineral supplement to make sure your getting your recommended daily allowances.


Did you know :

• Walking in the snow will burn twice as many calories as walking on a hard, dry sidewalk?

• If you take a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day just 4 days a week, instead of watching that TV show, at the end of the year you will have burned around 32,400 calories and have lost 9 pounds!

• Do you like to play golf? If you leave the cart behind and walk the 18-hole course, you will have walked almost 5 miles!

Weight Loss Recipes:

Turkey Chili

Chicken Fettucine

Zucchini and Tomatoes

Veggie Burgers

Keep checking back...more recipes are on the way!

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