Recipe called Family Pie

My grandmother was German and she made a cake she called Family Pie.She made a pone bread with lots of lard and baked it. She made this several times and sliced each pone bread length wise to make two out of one. She cooked apples on the stove and used nutmeg and sugar. I don't know what kind of apples she used. She never used a recipe but I am trying to find a recipe as similar to hers as I can. The apple mixture was spread between each cut layer on pone bread. The whole cake may have been 6 layers high. We then cut it up and ate it in a bowl with milk poured over it.


I wish I could help. I don't believe I've ever had it. The recipe sounds delicious! I'll keep looking and asking around though. If I find it, I'll post it here.

Warm Dishes,

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