Southern Biscuits and Gravy

by Dee

OMG! You have made me a happy lady. I have tried for years to make homemade biscuits.

When we were growing up my Mother made some of the best biscuits EVER! I tried and I tried for 30 years or more to get that same way of making them in my head, but nothing worked.

I was never a good biscuit maker, my husband can make good biscuits but they were not how my Mother made them, I just could not get back that taste, that look, the way they should be etc. well, this morning I was searching for southern style ways to cook sirloin pork chops, and I seen your recipes for biscuits and gravy.

My first reaction was to pass it on by, cause all my other attempts had been failures, so I passed it up, then I thought no I am going to try it, it was early enough in the morning that if I made a mistake, I could throw them away before my husband got up and he wouldn't know anything about so I said a little prayer to God and I said to my Mother who has been gone sense I was 18 years old, in a prayer, I said Mom guide my hands, you know how important it is to me to make these biscuits.

So, I proceeded to get things together, my old pastry blender, my measuring cups, and the old snuff glass, not the one my Mother had, but one I had bought just for that reason at a flea market, I had seen my Mother cut out many many biscuits with her snuff glass, of course washed and cleaned then I proceeded to make the biscuit following your recipe to the tee. And I also discovered why my biscuits never turned out, I was handling the dough to long! duh!!

I was inspired cause from the time I put it all together I has a good feeling bout it, it took no time to make them, and I put them in the oven at 500 degrees, and I checked them once and I seen those biscuits my Mother made all those years ago, I was so excited!! seriously !! when they were done, I had to try one out, I split the biscuit in half, it was so fluffy and soft and golden brown, I put my butter on it and let it sit for a few minutes and I took a bite and OMG that was it!! that was the way my Mother made them, I had to go and wake up my husband, but I didn't tell him what I did, I just told him, to get up I have a surprise for you in the kitchen and breakfast will be ready in just a few minutes after the Sausage gravy is finished.

He was so surprised and he loved my biscuits to, he said they were better than his, well, his are good too, BUT these biscuits are the biscuits I have longed to make for years and years, and I will continue to make your biscuits for now on.

Thank You so much for the awesome recipes!! I Love Your Biscuits.

You are an Angel....Dee

Hey there Dee!

Thank you so much for the wonderful story! I'm so glad I could be of help! I know that feeling of finding a recipe you thought had been lost forever. After my own Mama passed away, I realized that there were several of her recipes that I didn't have and I thought that they were just the Raisin Filled Cookie recipe in my ecookbook. My oldest sister had the recipe but she too passed away about a year ago and I thought the recipe was lost forever when one day I received an email from one of her dear friends in who had the recipe and was kind enough to pass it back to me. I felt like a little kid at Christmastime...I was so excited!

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful story!

Warm Dishes,

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