We loved it!

by Bev
(Gainesville, Florida)

After almost 40 years that I have been married I have finally found the recipe that works for Biscuits and Gravy! I have tried so many recipes and mixes, canned gravy, etc. only to fail at it being what my husband was used to eating when he grew up...but not this one! He loved it and he said after the first taste that this was what he had been used to growing up. Thank you so much Mama for this recipe and it really is easy to make! I plan to try your chicken and dumplings recipe in the near future. Growing up in eastern NC my granny made them and they were cut into strips and she called it chicken and pastry. This was my favorite food when I grew up but I have never been able to duplicate it. I can hardly wait to give your recipe a try. I will probably use a stewing hen in making mine as I love the broth from a hen much more than a chicken. To me it has a much richer flavor to it. Will let you know how it comes out! Thank you again Mama for making this possible!

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