your stuffed pork chop recipe

by Donna
(Fruitland Park,Fl,,USA)

Is that the right oven temperature and cooking time for baking the stuffed pork chops or is that the time for the grilled ones? It's confusing in the recipe you listed. 75 degrees for 12 minutes in the oven for stuffed meat doesn't sound right?

Thank you Donna for catching that. I fixed it. I guess I hadn't had enough coffee when I wrote it up LOL. I think the pork chops would be best cooked on the grill but if you chose to cook them in the oven, I would suggest browning them on the stove top in a hot pan for about 3 minutes per side with a couple of Tablespoons of Oil. Then, put the pan directly in the oven and finish them off for about 10 minutes at 400°. Just make sure that your pan is oven safe. Don't want to be melting any handles or ruining any pans.

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